Our Story
A Leader in Industrial/Commercial Wall Finishing & Flooring

Qualtex is a family-owned business committed to producing high-quality work and building lasting relationships with our customers. We deliver outstanding results thanks to our technical expertise, proprietary techniques and efficient project management and always aim for the highest level of quality for customers. We’re flexible and reliable, and always ready to jump in at a moment’s notice – anywhere, anytime! ! At Qualtex, we pride ourselves in delivering on promises with customer satisfaction at the core of what we do. Allow us go to work for you!

How we started:
Qualtex Inc. was founded in 1987 by Roger and Sherry Fisher. Roger and Sherry moved to the DFW metroplex from Lubbock, motivated by the burgeoning DFW market. Roger was experienced in building and painting and sought to broaden his horizons and refocus his experience in construction. In 1983, he staked his claim in DFW as a job superintendent, building apartment homes in the metroplex. With a slowing market, Roger was inspired to continue providing for his family, channeling them as the driving force behind his work. Roger went back to what he knew best: paint. He began small, painting front doors for insurance claims, slowly but surely building his business into one of the leading commercial painting companies in the state of Texas. "I can remember Dad and Mom combing through phone books looking for the perfect name. I also remember the moment when they had it. A name that exemplified Dad’s two passions: Quality work and Texas - Roger Fisher II, current Owner and President. And so, Qualtex was born.

What started out as a small startup eventually grew into a successful enterprise with Roger Sr. at the helm, running his business like he did in West Texas. His handshake was his promise and he would always deliver. Never one to back down from a challenge, Roger continued to push forward, building the company to become an even bigger success. Soon Qualtex had more than painters, developing into a strong team of estimators, accountants, project managers and job superintendents.

In 2003, Roger hired his son Roger Fisher II to work for the company as an estimator and project manager. It was a risk he was willing to take, despite Roger’s previous refusal to allow his son to be involved. “I had just graduated from Texas A&M and quit my first job in the mortgage industry after about 3 months. Dad always said “you will never be in this industry.” “I needed a job and Dad needed someone he could trust. Thankfully, Dad built a great company with great people who took me under their wing and taught me so many things.”
In 2007, Roger Sr appointed Roger II as Vice President and the team began to grow at an even more impressive rate. By 2014, the company was almost unrecognizable, with exponentially-expanded reach, employees, and capabilities. Since its inception, Qualtex has worked in Puerto Rico, across the entire United States, and has expanded its product lines; its teams always rising to the challenge of what stands in front of them. In 2014, Roger Fisher II was appointed as President of the company. Roger Fisher Sr. became Chairman of the Board with the intention of getting back to his roots, back to the field. “He loves the field, he loves interacting with the guys, the job superintendents, and seeing the results of a large team effort,” Dean Yowell, Vice President of Estimating said. With Roger Sr. in the field and Roger II working with the team in the office, Qualtex found its groove.

In 2015, Qualtex teamed up with Brad Bookout and started Qualtex Painting, LLC. “LLC” as we call it provides the same services that Qualtex Inc. “Inc” in North Texas but it is based in New Braunfels, serving South Texas. “The power behind the Qualtex brand and reputation combined with my experience in commercial drywall and framing made it a no-brainer to mirror that operation in South Texas,” Brad Bookout, President Qualtex Painting, LLC said.

In 2017, after teaming up with several flooring (carpet, wood and LVT) contractors on a few jobs and proposals, Qualtex Commercial Floors was established. The idea was to expand offerings for a complete room, beyond just the paint. Because paint and flooring are both such critical parts of the finish of any job, it made sense to combine the two scopes under one contract, making our customers’ lives and business operations easier and more efficient. Qualtex Commercial Floors now has a dedicated estimator and two sales people to provide customers with information for all of their flooring needs.

The story does not end here however.

In January of 2018, Roger Fisher II and his wife Shannon completed the purchase of Qualtex Incorporated and a new entity was born: Qualtex Industries, Inc. This new entity expanded Qualtex’s ability to serve and exceed customer expectations, with the same dedicated team that continued to expand and train to the highest level of quality service. Even as we continue to grow and explore new ways to better serve our customers and communities, we will always maintain the guiding principles that Roger Fisher Sr. established over 30 years ago.

Quality is everything we do,
its in our name. Quality is meeting
requirements 1st time every time.
Honesty and Integrity
We will do what we say
“we will do.”
Promote Trust and Respect
We want to work with people we
trust, we want the people
we work for to trust us.
Always try to achieve a
“Win -Win”

In all dealings with our people, our
contractors, suppliers and architects.
The most important thing for our
employees is that they are home with
their families at night. We will always
maintain a work environment that is clean, safe, and productive.
Enjoy our work
Our daily job should be rewarding,
fulfilling and enjoyable.
Every dealing with a customer or employee should be an opportunity to improve and build a relationship.

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